I'm Addy this is my profile. You hate it? Get out. Like it? Follow! I'm 18. Dubstep, photography, longboarding, and gettin' crazy. what I post is usually whats on my mind or things i enjoy♥ if you're on my page, why not shoot me a message♥
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Message me? (:

August 1, 2014 / 0 notes

Message me? (:

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Alone. en We Heart It.

Me currently. .
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Does anyone know any good cheesy cute date ideas?? I wanna surprise my love soon with a cute date♡ I have a few on mind but I wanna know what else I can do (:


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jackdanielskindagirl said:Hahaha, “it’s soda, not pop”. No! It’s pop!

You’re forever wrong lol


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me: im so tired, i could collapse into bed and sleep for a year..
me: gets in bed
me: how was earth created
me: who made microwaves
me: how does the internet even work
me: i'm hungry
me: feels bad about something i did 4 years ago
me: remembers 73 unfinished tasks
me: too tired to sleep

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I wonder if I cried for help, who would even be there. 

I am surrounded by people, but am I really? 

Or are they just ones that appear for fun then disappear once tragedy hits.

Who really knows.

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